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We must limit generator usage to remain undetected by game creators.

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Dragon City
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2. Gems      Gold     Food Avoid unrealistic numbers (impossible to achieve while playing).
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Why is there limitation for generator usage? You hacked the game and you can exploit it endlessly

Too many people adding enormous amounts of resources to their accounts would attract suspicion. We made sure not only to hack the game but also to remain undetected. Why? So more people could fully enjoy the game and all it's features. It's unfair that game developers push you to buy premium packages if you want to remain competitive. Enjoy everything there is in the game! The faster you see everything there is to the game, the faster it will become boring to you. Then it is not so addictive. You will save tons of time and money. Your welcome!

How many times can I use this generator?

You may use 2 times a day per one game. Please allow others to enjoy the game as well. Depending on a game, we limit resource generator to run no more than 200 times a day per game.

What do you mean "Avoid unrealistic numbers"?

Try to use amounts that can be bought with packages or biggest amount you earned in a game. If you usually get 100 points while playing and now you add 999,999 this might look suspicious. Try to add the amount you need but that looks natural. Don't worry about this too much, our algorithms have prevention system. If you enter very unrealistic number we will limit to maximum amount that will look natural depending on your account age, level and 7 other factors.

Can I add only on 1 resource?

Definitely! It depends on your game style and your current needs.

Is it save to use Dragon City cheat generator?

100% Safe. Our team members have 10+ years of game development experience. We know things that trigger suspicious account behaviour. For this reason we limit generator usage and resources amount to be added, currently 99,999. Let's admit, this is more than enough! In case you run out of them, you can come back any time. Our generators will definitely work for a long time.

Do I need to provide my username and password?

Definitely no! Keep your account and password safe, never reveal them to anyone you don't know. We detect the app on your phone (directly or through USB,Bluetooth connection) and we install small piece of information that will be loaded once you start the game. Safest method there is!

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